CADBlox V-Series™ QuickStart

Welcome to the CADBlox V-Series™ QuickStart Guide. This guide will quickly show you the steps involved in designing a custom A/V panel in CADBlox V-Series.

CADBlox V-Series Shape List - Click to open/download the plate and connector shape list in pdf format. The following are the steps required:

  1. Opening CADBlox V-Series™
  2. CADBlox V-Series Template - Visio Template file - This template will be listed in the Windows "Start" menu under a program group called CADBlox V-Series. Opening this template loads the pre-set stencils with shapes for our standard plates and connectors.

  3. Entering Project Information
  4. In Visio, Right-Click in the initial project screen and select "Custom Properties" under the "Shape" menu item. A prompt will appear allowing you to enter all the relative project information. Enter the information and Click OK. Now you're ready to start drawing.

  5. Adding a Plate Shape.
  6. Pick a drawing page size from the page tabs at the bottom of the window. Choose a size adequate for the plate you plan to design.

    Select the "Plates" stencil from the list on the left of the screen. Click the plate shape of the desired size, drag it into the drawing page and drop it. A prompt will appear for the required plate information. Enter the Finish Color, Plate Name, and Engraving Fill Color. Click OK. Now you can add connectors.

  7. Adding Connector Shapes.
  8. Select the stencil for the connector type you need. Drag-and-drop the desired connector shape onto your plate. For connector shapes that include a text component, A prompt will appear to enter optional text above and/or below the connector shape. Type in the desired text and Click OK. Repeat for each connector you need on your plate.

  9. Adding a Title Block.
  10. Select the "Title Frame & Report" stencil. There are two title frame options included in CADBlox V-Series. The "CAD Title Frame" provides a traditional title block for a detailed presentation. With this shape, a prompt appears for the title block information.

    The "Title Frame" shape provides a professional, finished look for projects that require less detail.

  11. Adding a Plate Report.
  12. Also in the "Title Frame & Report" stencil, you'll find a shape titled "PanelCrafters Plate Report". This shape is linked to a pre-defined report. Dragging in the Plate Report shape will auto-run the report and create and Excel® object that lists your plate details and bill of materials. Right-Click the shape to open the workbook object in Excel. Like any Excel file, the data can be used there or saved/exported to another format as needed.

  13. You're Done!
  14. Your plate design is finished! If you need to design additional plates for this project, insert new drawing pages as needed. Your file can contain as many pages as you need, with one plate on each page.

    To obtain a quote for your plate design(s), save your file (preferably by the project name) and e-mail it to You will receive proofs for each plate with your quote. If changes are required, you can submit a new file, or return the proofs with changes noted. We will re-quote the new/modified drawing(s) and supply a new quote (with proofs).

    When you're ready to order, please supply signed copies of the proofs with your purchase order to expedite the production process.

If you have any further questions, problems or feature requests, please direct them to our Technical Services department at 800-263-6591 x102 or Thank you for using CADBlox V-Series.

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