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WebBlox 3 is loaded with new features and now includes complete integration with Liberty's e-commerce site. It has never been easier to design, approve and order custom plates and panels.

You can still log in here with your existing WebBlox account, but add to cart and some other new features won't be available.
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Here are some highlights of the new features in WebBlox 3:

  • Rotating Gang Plates (and others) 90 degrees for specialized applications
    Right-click plate and select "rotate" option (certain plates only)
  • Alignment tools:
    • Align connectors horizontally ("H" Key)
      Moves selected connectors in a horzontal line
    • Align connectors vertically ("V" Key)
      Moves selected connectors in a vertical line
    • Center connectors on the plate (x-axis) ("C" Key)
      Centers selected connectors on the panel (as a group left to right)
    • Space connectors evenly (x-axis) ("S" Key)
      Spaces selected connectors evenly (left to right)
  • Approve parts online
    Click "approve" button
  • Access approved parts through Liberty's e-commerce site
    Part numbers show up in search results
  • Order approved parts online
    Add "approved" parts to cart through WebBlox or the main Liberty site

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